Our founders, Shyamwati Chathli (fondly called Aunty) and Urmila inspired in us a zest for recycling. Aunty would laboriously cut plastic bags into thin thread-like strips, and use crochet to make the most beautiful bags, mats, etc. Promilla was inspired to make jewellery from thread and stones we call Divine Passion.
The vision is sustainable conscious living, and the search – always beauty and truth. Aunty’s work is carried forward by Mrinalini and Mukesh. We make newspaper bags & gift wrap paper, upcycled envelopes, papier mache items. Mandakini has developed it further – she makes jewellery from crushed CDs and household furniture from newspapers! And whenever we have Ramji visiting us, we make jewellery from seeds, feathers, beads and wire. Recently, Mrinalini has dreamt up a project whereby we make Christmas decorations with scrap material.

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