We at the Karmic Research Centre, know for a fact, that meditations can be great stress relievers. But then, we don’t stop there. We use meditation as a tool to get into the state of relaxed alertness, where we become more alert, more aware, and more capable of doing work on ourselves. Meditations for us are not only feel-good exercises. They are also not time slots for us. Meditations are a tool for fine tuning our Energy System with the Energy flux of the Universe. And then, we believe, in the meditative state, as the normal state of being, so that we always are and always work in harmony with the Universe, and therefore with ourselves and others.

Over the years we have shared meditations with innumerable light workers, energy workers, fellow travellers, creators and students of life – all age groups, and from all walks of life.

What is Meditation?

Meditation connects our hearts with the divine.

When the divine light flows into our lives, it lights up, brightens every part of or being, like a lamp in a darkened room, be it the body, mind or soul, relationships, career or home. And above all, it makes us aware of the fact that we ourselves are Love and Light- We are Divine.


Relax and sit comfortably. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, simply.

Keep your spine free, your rib cage erect, your body muscles relaxed and your mind quiet.

Let any thoughts that come to you pass. Do not stop any thought. Don’t try to do anything. Just be.

After the meditation is over, do not allow the peace, relaxation and joy to dissipate. Keep it alive as it is through the day and gradually make it your second nature. That is successful meditation.


Do not worry if you don’t see anything or see something different from what the guiding voice is saying.

Meditate daily- even if it is for five minutes.

KRC Guided Meditations: Violet Gold Room


During the lockdown of 2020, we started a podcast of guided meditations! From releasing anxiety to celebrating the dance of life, these meditations are accessible to all.

Click on any of the links below and enter your Violet Gold Room.

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Sadhana – Exalted Experiences in Meditation

Ten guided meditations, in Hindi and English. Excellent tools for bringing about change – in you as a person and in your environment.

A range of topics is available: from a meditation for General Well-Being, to one for Forgiveness and Karmic Clearance, from Healing of the Soul to Aura Balancing with Colours, from Connecting with Other People, to Becoming One with the Universe.

Originally released as a a beautiful set of ten cassettes in 2001. Available presently as a set of ten beautifully designed CDs. Can be shared as mp3 files on request.

Exalted Experiences in Violet Gold

A Collection of thirty excellent meditations channelled from ascended Masters of the Universe in book form, to have with you at all times. This book is available at the Centre.

Kabir – the Voice of Love

The couplets of Kabir have been handed down through the generations with interpretations. The interpretations have been accepted some times, modified at others.

Today, when we read the same couplets that we have grown up with, they somehow carry more depth – the depth that our life experiences bring with them. The interpretations therefore get deeper or lighter, but definitely more meaningful when they are tempered with experience.

To us, Kabir is an energy that flows through time and space, and enriches wherever it flows. We have allowed this energy to now flow through us and express itself as it wants to. The style of rendering the couplets is not traditional because we have not imposed any conditions on the free flow of the energy of Kabir. Which is why this rendering is very special to us, because it is truly for us the Voice of Kabir – the Voice of Love.

In the true spirit of Kabir, we hope our attempt at these interpretations will provoke questions, more than provide answers.
We shall be releasing a doha every Thursday.

Music: Avik Roy
Interpretations: Karmic Research Centre
Hindi translations of interpretations: Gurdeep Saxena
Image design: Mrinalini Chawla

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Cosmic Dance of Creation

Creation started with the creation of sound.

The vibrations thus created made it possible for the creation of the elements. Then the Universe had to respond by the creation of the various inhabitants of the Universe.

The CD presents to you the sampler of how creation began.

In the first track, the call for creation and the creation of elements, In the second, the handing over of creation for inhabitants, The third track – the harmony of creation and habitation.

CD available at the Centre. Contact us if you would like a copy.

Practice Yourself

Sharing with you some simple meditations you can practice on your own…

Meditation for Feeling Connected

This is a meditation that will make you feel like you are connected all the time, and never alone. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and think about yourself being in an energy body of golden light. Visualise it clearly in your mind. Use your mind as a tool, to make it real for you.

This golden energy body of yours is free of gravity. It can go anywhere. It can go through anything. It can fly, it can swim, it can walk and talk too. Yet, it is always connected to you, your emotions, your thoughts, and therefore, you control this golden energy being.

Now, you as this energy being are going to travel to whoever you want to be with. Talk to whoever you want to. This is slightly different than mere day dreaming, because your mind, in your relaxed alertness, is co creating this energy being, for you.

This is more like a projection of yourself that you are sending out, to touch, to talk, to be with other people.

We are all essentially energy beings, connected to every other energy being in the Universe, through a Universal Web of golden energy. And it is this network of golden energy that we use to connect with people in our energy bodies.

Try it out … its very comforting, very relaxing, and great fun!

Love Energy Meditation for Nourishment

Sitting comfortably, relax your mind and body completely. Visualise yourself like an empty vessel, ready to receive.

Fill yourself up now entirely with Violet Energy. This is high vibrational Love Energy, coming from the cosmos to fill you up. As you continue to fill up with Love Energy, your entire being responds to it by expanding itself.

Gradually, as you keep expanding yourself, you feel a flooding of Love Energy in your entire being.

Now, clearly see your heart as the source of Love and Light. Millions of beams of Golden Energy emanate from your heart, and radiate outwards, into the Universe. As you keep sending out this Love and Light, you continue to receive more and more of the Violet Energy. This energy exchange, between you and the Universe, is what the soul needs to nourish itself. And that is all you need to do any time that you feel low on energy, or low on love.

Meditation to Open Yourself to Divinity

Sit comfortably, and allow yourself to relax. Listen to your breathing for two minutes approximately (no need to look at the watch).

When you feel relaxed enough, visualize yourself like a Lotus Bud. The base of the bud being the base of your spine, the top of the bud being the top of your head.

Gradually feel the warmth of Golden Light coming from the Cosmos, to lovingly open this bud that is you.

As you feel a warm glow enveloping you, you can see yourself responding to the Love of the Golden Light. You open yourself up to receive more of it. And as more and more Golden Light enters you, you open yourself up more and more. Soon, very soon, you blossom into a Lotus flower, openly receiving the Love coming towards you. And glowing and radiating in it.

The Golden Light that opened you up so beautifully, is now all around you. Bathing you, nourishing you, enriching you. Slowly you realise that you yourself have become the source of this Golden Light. And when you feel you are ready to give, visualize a lot of Lotus Buds like you, waiting to open themselves up to your Love. Just as you received Love, give it to them now, so that Love becomes the environment in which all of you blossom freely.

Transmutation of Anger by Rukmini

When you are feeling anger, then tune into Gurudev, and ask Him for his Violet Energy column.

Sit in the column and feel that anger in your solar plexus chakra, where it will generally be located.

Now, begin to draw up the anger….all the way up and through your crown charka, and then release it … remember you are in Gurudev`s violet energy column. So, the anger released will be into this violet energy….which is Love energy.

This can be done in a few moments only.
And when you are in this expanded Love energy, your responses are most likely to change. You may still express your anger, but you will do it differently then. When in the violet column, no blocks will arise, don`t worry.

Meditation for Oneness

Centre yourself in Gurudev, that is in Love Energy and in Violet Light. Feel your heart chakra filling up entirely with Gurudev’s Love Energy.

Now expand yourself with Gurudev, into your entire being. Feel your own energies expanding at every level, into each energy body of yours. The Love Energy flowing through you, at every level, your entire being, is one huge Love Body.

Now visualise the person you want to be with, in front of you, equally huge, in his or her own entire being.

You are both energy beings, your energies can easily flow and merge into each other`s.

Allow this to happen. Accept the entire being of the person into your own entire being. Feel yourself being loved and enriched by the person`s energies.

And now, you give yourself similarly, to be a part of the person`s entire being. Feel yourself expanding into, merging with, and enriching the person`s entire being.

Let your Love Energy flow freely, strongly, enriching both of you. At every level, in every energy body.

You can deepen the experience further by making it more enriching, and together going higher in vibrations, expressing yourself, to yourself.

With your merged energies, expand further than before, you can expand together now.

Meditation to Make Love for the Universe

Place yourself in a violet column coming down from the cosmos, passing through you into the earth. Let it fill you up completely with its energies.

Now receive from the Universe, Love Energy, in the form of golden light, streaming down, into this column. Let it permeate through your entire being.

Now invite your loved one into this column with you. And allow him or her to soak in the golden light as well. As you now visualise yourself embracing each other, allow yourself to feel the energies passing between the two of you.

Now open your heart completely so that you can allow Love to permeate deep within your being, right upto your core. Consciously open your core, to invite your loved one to enter.

As you open yourself up to the experience of Divine Love, also feel yourself expanding into your complete being, and allow your partner to expand likewise, with you.

Allow your feelings and the flow of Love to intensify. As you experience the flow getting more and more intense and deepening within you, allow yourself this very special experience – feel the energies of your partner entering through every pore of your being, melting through your physical body, to enrich every cell of your being.

As you receive your partner so completely, give of yourself as completely. Then, as you feel your energies merging into one energy system, feel your energies moving and flowing as one. Till you lose the sense of seperateness completely.

As this flow of Love Energy deepens in your entire being, you will discover that you can still open up your core some more.

Allow the cores of your beings now to merge into one. As this happens, there is an immense surge of energy that will enrich your complete being, in a huge rush of Love in its completeness. This is Love at its purest. Much more depth than the emotion of Love can ever have. Much more expanse than the energy of Love can ever give you.

Allow yourself to be nourished with this pure form of Love. And when you feel completely nourished, allow yourself to express this Love to the Universe, together with your partner. It is an immensely enlarging experience to release this Love that you have made, for the Universe.

And when you feel relaxed enough to open your eyes, do so.

Meditation for Laughter

Place yourself in a column of violet energy. Let the energy seep through you till you feel completely immersed in this energy.

Now invite the child in you to come forth and play with you. Feel the energies of this child bubbling through you. Allow yourself the liberty to feel the energies of this child, and respond likewise to it.

Now, as you become comfortable with the child in you, start laughing. Just like that – to laugh. Not physically at all, but the energy system should be laughing. The child in you, and your complete being, vibrating together to the energy of laughter.

Now let the laughter grow. As you feel your energy system expanding into the Universe, also feel the energy of laughter radiating through you into the Universe. You are now the source of the energy of laughter for the entire Universe. Enrich the Universe with your laughter.

When you feel you have done enough of laughing for the Universe, allow yourself to relax completely. You will find that your energy system has opened up amazingly.

Now, allow yourself to receive Love energy from the Universe. Fill yourself up completely with this Love Energy now. Only when you feel that you are overflowing with this Love Energy, should you open your eyes.

Meditation for communicating with the HIGHER SELF

You know, your own Higher Self talks to you all the time. Only, one tends to ignore it most of the times. What is flippantly called inner voice or intuition is actually your own Higher Self, which in turn is connected to the Universe, or Divinity, or God – whatever you might want to call it. However, if you want to, then you can consciously tune into your Higher Self, and train yourself to be more open, and more receptive to its messages and guidance in your daily life.

We have been sharing the following exercise with some who visited us recently at the Centre – thought we`d share it with you!

First, relax yourself completely, and make the Intent that you want to connect with your Higher Self, and ask the Universe, or God, or Gurudev to help you to do so. Now, visualise a white light coming down from the Cosmos, like a column, enveloping you completely and also filling you up completely, and then going into the Earth. Which means you are in a column of white light, which is connecting the Centre of the Universe, with the Centre of the Earth, passing through you. This white light is not only healing, but also energising you. And making you feel fresh and renewed. All your fears, insecurities, problems, confusions are being washed out of your energy system into the Earth. Once you feel completely clean and fresh, visualise yourself filling up with this white light, almost like a balloon fills up with air. When this starts happening, then your aura has to perforce expand on all sides. Allow that to happen now. Your aura is an energy field around you. Allow it to fill up with this Divine Energy. And expand your aura wider and wider, covering not only your physical body, but also your physical space, that is your room, and then keep expanding it, till you cover the whole earth with it. You can still go beyond. Remember, your aura is also Divine Energy. So let the Divine in you merge with the Divine in the Universe. In this expanded state, you ARE your OWN Higher Self. Which is connected with Universal Knowledge and Wisdom, and of course, with God Himself. If you have started the meditation with Gurudev, then Gurudev will also be connected with you at that point of time.

In this expanded state, you can ask of the Divine any question you need answered, any guidance that you have been seeking, any confusion that you might have, be cleared at this time and in this state. Don`t just speak, also listen. Have a two way communication in this state. Talk, discuss, argue, fight. But have a communication. Once you are through with doing that, you can remain in this expanded state and yet come back to conscious and alert state of mind. In all this, remember, meditation is Relaxed Alertness, never a game of concentration.

Do get back with your experiences on this. Do this meditation, especially at night, before you sleep. You might also get your answer in sleep, or over the next few days, through various sources.