Our Vision For Theatre

“Theatre for me is not only about playing parts. It is about living them, healing them, empowering them. To show me and the people around me what can be done, what should be done, what options are always available to each one of us.

Life does not give us the time to try out different options.

Theatre does.

There are no dead ends in the world. There are only opportunities, challenges, doorways. We do not usually give ourselves the time to explore them. In our hurry to live life, we miss out on life itself. Theatre is where we can train ourselves not to miss out on life itself when it presents itself to us. We live lives through theatre. These are not only roles, these are lives.

The characters are real, the situations are real.

Theatre is not make believe, it is belief in making life – Making life the way we want it to be.

Theatre is not entertainment for me. It is an experience every time. Through every show, I experience life. Therefore I enrich myself, and collectively, we enrich the Universe by allowing the characters to play out different options.

We make it possible for different options to be lived in life, sometime, somewhere, some place – By someone who we represented as a character.

Theatre therefore is our responsibility to life.

We create scenarios so that the Universe can create opportunities for you.

We play out your lives so that you may make aware choices.

We live your pain so that you might heal.

We live better options so that collectively, we make the world turn around with love, the way that it should be.

Awareness without love can be dangerous.

Love without awareness can be irresponsible.

We intent to make the world flow in aware Love energy, in lots of Violet Gold!”

– Dilip Shankar

(this passage is a dialogue between a bunch of people, written and enacted for the launch event of the Violet Gold Festival in 2005)

Our Plays

All the plays developed at the Centre for Creative Expressions are expressions of Love Energy flowing through us in the physical dimension. Almost all of the plays listed here have been received as scripts at the Centre over the years. These have then be explored by us on the floor, and shared often with any one who is interested.

Finding Shams

Rumi – the great 12th century Sufi poet, was also a renowned Professor in the University of Konya, who by the end of his life is known to have had about five thousand followers.

Here in this imaginary text, we see him addressing his students and followers. Today, he tells them about his life with his Master, Shams of Tabriz.

Finding Shams is shared often at the Centre.

Prem Ki Paribhasha

A play that defines what Love truly means

A play in Hindi trying to define the complexity of Love.

In a land where Love has been expressed, explored and experienced, in all the hues and colours possible for human emotions.

Set in a very romantic ambience, it pays tribute to the beautiful, empowering and musical understanding of Love by the lyricists of the past.

The play uses old film songs to portray, discuss and define the subtleties of Love, as also the true strength of Love.

The range of emotions tackled varies from the innocent to the depth of maturity.
It takes us from the helplessness of Love, to the empowerment of Love.

In a sense, the play spans the emotion of Love to the Power of Love.

In November 2007, Prem ki Paribhasha performed for the Indian army. Over 6 days, we held 8 performances at Jammu, YOL and Mamun for Jawans, officers and families.

To be... Love

To be … Love
Conversation of a mother and her child to be

Love causing life or life causing love – maybe both.

A lovely relationship comes into being when a child is conceived, that is, if it is conceived with love. A relationship nevertheless. The most crucial time of life, if you ask us. The most impressionable, vulnerable, and yet dynamic relationship of all.

What does a child think of when a to be mother talks to it? Is it amused? Angry? Irritated? Or excited?

The most enriching dialogues can be had with your child if you are a mother to be. You know why? This is probably the only time in your child’s life when you get such complete, 100% attention. Doesn’t it make sense to make the most of it, and talk to your heart’s content with your child to be?

to be … Love
a one woman show (with her child to be)
by Mandakini Goswami

Karm Nishtha

dialogue between Arjun and Krishn

This is the story of the Gita – the most inspiring and timeless document of knowledge and wisdom. Delivered in a simple manner as a dialogue between Arjun and Krishn, it can also be understood as a dialogue between the seeker and the teacher or between the human being and God.

To me, it also seems like a dialogue between the human being and its higher self. Tapping the Universal wisdom together, the self seeks to grow more and more insightful and then applies these insights to its life …

with Adil Hussain

The Power Within

The journey of empowerment
A tentative woman becoming an empowered one as she comes to terms with the power within her.

The journey of realization of oneself, as she understands life, people and relationships. Life triggering the power within and the power within translating into life.

with Kristen Jain

Presently in rehearsal with Gauri Saxena and Shikhar Chaudhary

3 ABC - Triangle of Power

A light play on choices in conflict

A threesome discussing ideas and actuals.

Casual conversations leading to profundities.

The discussions of attitudes do not really convert, do they? At the most, we agree to disagree. Nothing wrong with that.

So let’s say discussions are really sharing of ideas, and the knowledge that contradictions can co exist.

The Circus Beyond

A play on priorities of life

The Circus Beyond is a critical comment on what we think our priorities in life are.

In the whole quagmire of desires, wants and needs, do we sometimes forget the essentials of life and living?

Interestingly juxtaposed are interactions of children and adults with a person who knows things as they truly are.

Time to ponder maybe of what we really need to live, to love and to laugh!

An Evening with Amir Khusro

Stories, music, riddles, sufi poetry, LIFE!

Amir Khusro – poet, inventor, linguist, musician, courtier, sufi – a true renaissance man.

Writes in as many as six languages – sometimes all languages feature in the same piece of writing, sometimes words used in a way that the same words have different meanings in two different languages, and yet sit well with other words in the same verse of a third language!

Is said to have ‘invented’ the Hindustani we speak, the tabla, and even khayaal gaayaki in Hindustani classical music…
Resident of Delhi Sultanate by choice and fondness, served under seven rulers…
Student and follower of the great saint Hazrat Nizammuddin Aulia …
Writer of riddles and songs, penned spontaneously and in the moment many a times …
Has fought battles, written histories …
A man of many talents …

An evening would not do justice to a man such as him …

An Evening with Amir Khusro
An Evening of music, poetry and Love

Amir Khusro presented in prose, verse and music by Dilip Shankar – genuine, authentic Khusro evening!

Love Expressed...

Love Expressed…
Bhakti and Masti!

Kabir ~ the Voice of Love
Meera ~ the Pinnacle of Love
Surdas ~ the Philosophy of Love
Khusro ~ the Love of Love
and so many more…

The Bhakti movement – we see it as Love expressed…
we would like to express it again now!
An evening of Love expressed for the Universe, by us.

Love expressed …

with Mandakini Goswami


Exploring the roles (games) we play!

In this world of instant intimacies and internet romances, can you be sure the person you just pecked on the cheek and said hello to is who you think it is?

Mannerisms, attitude and behaviour, sure reveal a lot – but can you really know a person behind those masks by mere interaction with the mask?

Specially when you too hide behind one … or do you?

Walking the Path

Dialogue on Truth, Ahimsa and Satyagraha

Walking the Path will explain what it means to be doing so.

It is about connecting with oneself, one’s own truth and to the truth in everyone else.
Gandhiji understood that.
Which is why he was able to move the masses.

And now we need to understand that as well.

Walking the path is not borrowing other peoples’ truth.
It is to live your own – honestly.


About a boy who thinks he is a goblin

In a land of fairies, butterflies, goblins and rabbits lives a young boy called Moisley who thinks he is the only goblin alive. Being a boy really, Moisley obviously loves cookies and pies, chocolates and candy, and of course, ice cream!

He sets off to find ice cream in the crystal dome with his fairy friend Seenza. On the way, they watch the dreaded Drandoin and his army of Little People pass by.

As the army marches past emotionless, Seenza and Moisley are stunned to see Drandoin the Ruthless shove his Generals into the shredder.

How Moisley and his pals – Veronian, the angel with no wings and Rasben, the rabbit with one ear find the Seenza, who Drandoin has imprisoned, how the moon begins to shine again, and how Moisley, when he realizes what it is to be human, stands up for what is right, and gets Drandoin to set the Little People free from slavery and bondage and be human again, forms the story of Moisley.

Moisley is the story of the human spirit awakened and is a first in the series Adventures of Moisley.

The Play

A play on the choices of life


When we don’t have any, we protest. When we have many, we are confused!

The passage of making a choice would involve living it. It necessarily involves the living of the consequence of that choice too. The consequence is what completes the exercising of the choice, isn’t it? Whether we like it or not, the choice made impacts the consequence, and the consequence could impact the choices made thereafter.

Is this a bouquet of choices and consequences then, or simply a dreadful cat and mouse game, or better still, the classic chicken and egg syndrome!

‘Depends entirely on your attitude’, some would say.

Or is it that it depends entirely on us – even before it starts, technically speaking, that is?

Let’s take an example. You are an actor. You go for an audition to these hotshot producers. Its warm, its friendly and cordial, and of course, it looks and sounds good too. And more than that, there are roles on offer here.

Will they like you? Would it be a good play? Will all go well for you?

That’s the premise 5 starts with, when he goes for an audition in ‘The Play’. What happens thereafter could very well be your story, if you are not alert, Actor!

Slice of Life

A play on Love, Life, Fear, Death and their relationship to each other

Cafes, canteens and eateries…

Joints where the most frivolous and the most profound is discussed.
From the light hearted banter of friends to discussions about life and death.

This is what the Slice of Life is all about.

A pair of young students
Joined in by a pair of actors
As also representatives of the medical and advertising world
Quite a mix of people discussing life
From its purpose to its abuse to the search of dignity of life.

Served with music

The play really brings to you
A Slice of Life!

Sudden Extremities

20 degrees at Power Play

Sudden Extremities explores different extremes that people can work in. With a certain satirical style, it is also a comment on various scenarios of life and politics.

The play is set in the boardroom of a multi million-dollar company. The board members are interested in experimenting with various management styles and business plans. They decide to explore extremes.

Interestingly, it becomes a comment on not only the business scene, but also the political and personal ‘scenes’.

Sudden Extremities is not only a comment, but also an exploration of options, power plays and responsibilities.


Improvisations that explore choices

A group of young college students trying to understand life.
So many emotions, so many colours, so many choices!
As many people, as many perspectives.
As many choices, as many consequences.
And yet, so many variables too.
Chaos and confusion, leading to clarity of vision?
Or can there be clarity of choice to begin with?
Is there a formula?
Is there a method?
A group of college students trying to learn about life through the game of Tokriyaan.

Prem Se...

prem se…
Opening to Love

an evening of dance and music…
opening up layers of Love…
and taking it to heights unknown so far…

First performed with Padma Damodaran, the evening is an interactive dialogue so to say, between the seeker and the Divine.

Through music and dance, poetry brings alive the intense emotions of the journey of the seeker.


Intezaar – Lamhon ka Safar

Celebrating Divine Love being expressed through the evening as Dilip Shankar takes you through an amazing journey of Love and Truth. The journey of human emotions.

Ordinary human situations and moments of life provide the learning experiences for the soul to grow beyond the normal.

Lamhon ka Safar is the journey of life… young hearts beating with normal emotions gradually transcend them to understand life itself.

Poetry by Urmila

Turning Point

An exploration of the growing years.

Every life has certain moments which are special, which have the potential to change the direction of one’s life.

Normally, these are moments of great spiritual energy, or great trauma and distress.

For us, a school means an opening up… an exploration of all potential, and the whole school life a journey of self-discovery.

Turning Point is an exploration into all this and more!

My Ride to Tomorrow

My Ride to Tomorrow
Roller coaster ride through time!

What if we could travel into the future?

Yes, I know, this idea has fascinated everyone for a long time. But maybe it’s not so difficult. Maybe time is not linear.
And tomorrow is only a different reality in the now itself… a special reality.

And if we could hop into both of them time and time again, what if we could go on a ride to tomorrow?

Written by Roysten Abel

Our Theatre Festivals

Violet Gold Theatre Festival

Violet Gold Theatre Festival
January 14-February 6, 2005
presented at Bluebells School International, New Delhi

Violet Gold is a very ambitious project that we embarked upon in 2005. Here below is our Intent note for ‘Violet Gold – the Theatre Festival’:

“Theatre goers in Delhi have been feeling for some time now that there is a lack of original scripts to work with, there is a lack of interest in theatre generally, and of course corporates don’t seem to be interested in putting their money in theatre.

Lack of funds, lack of interest, lack of creativity – no wonder then.

We, over the last two – three years, have been busy working on empowerment of individuals. The empowerment workshops led us to schools and groups of individuals in and outside of Delhi. Surprisingly, we found that people on an individual basis responded wonderfully well to theatre exercises. Expression seems to be a major block with most individuals. Community interactions are something people in cities are beginning to miss.

All put together, we found that our own expertise and experience in theatre, coupled with our intensive work in empowerment was beginning to take shape in a new kind of workshop.

Violet Gold is all that creativity unleashed.

The plays that you will watch during this festival are all original works. All of them are innovative in their content. All of them are being performed here as a first time performance. And all of them will subsequently develop further.

Ranging from death to dignity of life, from love as a concept to love as an energy to love as pure expression of emotional energy, from choices to stereotypes – the plays are all about human interactions. With humour, satire, fantasy or plain, simple discussion, the plays bring life to you – in a refreshingly new style, new environment, and fresh creative energies.

July will see a purely children’s festival, whereas November-December, we plan to do another serious theatre festival.

So keep feasting your creative appetite with us”.

The venue was a school – Bluebells School International, New Delhi. We printed a beautiful brochure. All the city came in to celebrate theatre – in a school, the bedrock of society. Students of the school participated as audience, as also some of them took on roles as festival organisers and managers. The plays were all original scripts:

Perfect Evening‘ by Roysten Abel, with B. Gauri and Vivek Mansukhani

Rasa, the dance of emotions‘, dance theatre, solo by Gilles Chuyen

The Nagpal Experience‘ by Kavita and Vinod Nagpal

Music and Fire Dance‘ by Rashid Ansari (Earth Rhythms)

Identities‘ directed by Vivek Manuskhani (Scene Stealers)

Puppet Therapy: Chapter I, The Electric Apsara
Puppet Show by Varun Narain

Plays from the Centre:

The Play

Slice of Life


Finding Shams

Prem Ki Paribhasha



Orange Gold Theatre Festival

Orange Gold Festival
July 9-24, 2005
presented at Bluebells School International, New Delhi

The Centre for Creative Expressions started a new movement in January 2005, by holding a fifteen-day theatre festival in a school, involving the children in plays and performances that were not for children only. A festival for the public, held in a school, organized by children as volunteers as well as actors and behind the scene assistance.

A very enriching experience for the children as well as the theatre professionals of repute who staged their performances in the festival.

In July 2005, we held another fifteen-day festival, this time catering more to children, and of course, involving the children again. The festival was preceded by summer workshops through the summer vacations of Delhi schools. The workshops were at the Centre and two-three schools of Delhi, open to all the students of Delhi.

Again, an ambitious project, but perfectly viable and immensely exciting – both for the children, and for us at the Centre.

every performance by preceded by child poets reading their self composed poems.
The plays we presented were:

Kataar‘ by Suraj and students of Army Public School

The Prince of Rags‘ by Varun Narain

Moisley‘ with students of Bluebells School International, Gyan Bharti School and DPS Mathura Road

The Circus Beyond‘ with students of Bluebells School International, Gyan Bharti School and DPS Mathura Road

Best of Youth Fiesta‘ by Students of Bluebells School International

Plays from the Centre:

Walking the Path‘ (inaugural play)

To be… Love‘ by Mandakini Goswami


August all weekends, 2005
presented at various home venues in Delhi

Every weekend of August 2005, we were in someone’s home in a new part of Delhi – Nizamuddin East (Central Delhi), I. P. Extension (East Delhi), New Rajinder Nagar (West Delhi), Greater Kailash II (South Delhi). An exhibition, a performance and some delicious food on the menu! Best days of our lives!

The play we performed was ‘To be… Love‘ by Mandakini Goswami

Blue Gold

Blue Gold
December 10–18, 2005
presented at the National School of Drama, New Delhi

Theatre by its very nature is empowering for all people involved in the activity.

Add to that the ability of theatre to bring people together in a magical environment, where human emotions, dance, music, body work, lights, sound all bring alive for each one of us the eternal and the unexplored, the known and the invisible, the light and frothy as much as the dark and daring.

It is in theatre that we sometimes can discover ourselves, our passions, our expression, as a lot of us who do work in theatre have found. A one day theatre workshop has unleashed the most vivid imaginations in a college kid’s confused mind, just as a stint at backstage work has been known to awaken the ‘brains’ in an otherwise ‘dull’ student. These are not minor drops in the oceans, but a widespread and well-documented phenomenon the world over.

Theatre is therapeutic, and it does demand the best from whoever offers to serve it.

It is these and many more realizations that have motivated us at the Centre for Creative Expressions to present our Theatre Festivals.

‘Blue Gold’ at the end of the year 2005 was professional theatre. Polished, professional directors, experienced actors. The venue – National School of Drama. ‘Serious theatre’? Well, we were full of joy!

Blue Gold – universal love energy with great insight and power. Knowledge and wisdom with love energy flowing through it, is what ‘Blue Gold’ signifies for us.

The plays we presented were:

A Terrible Beauty is Born‘ by Arjun Raina

To be… Love‘ by Mandakini Goswami

The Circus Beyond‘ by Dilip Shankar

Mother I did not Eat the Butter‘ by Roysten Abel with Adil Hussain and Beatrice Ordeix

Sudden Extremities20 degrees at power play‘ by Dilip Shankar

Green Gold Theatre Festival

Green Gold
March 24-April 9, 2006
presented at S-186, Greater Kailash Part II, New Delhi

Green, the energies of life, of the heart, of healing…

Gold, the energy of Love …

When Gold flows with Green, Love flows as life, and when life flows through us as Love, it brings Light, and lightness flows through us in all the ways we express ourselves, in all the ways we relate to ourselves and the Universe.

Helping us relate to ourselves are all those who travel through us and with us in our life journeys – those significant others who make the difference, who provide the impetus and the triggers for us to choose, to grow, if we choose to that is.

Sometimes, we choose to ignore the opportunities for our growth. The other then may come as another! And another! Till it is time

Come to think of it, it almost seems like a great dance in progress! The raas of life!

Green Gold celebrated this dance, this joy that life is!

The plays we presented were:

Magic of Me‘ by Padma Damodaran with Mrinalini Chawla

Power Within‘ by Dilip Shankar with Gauri Saxena

Travellin’ Light‘ by Andrew Berlin

My Ride to Tomorrow‘ by Roysten Abel

3ABC – Triangle of Power‘ by Centre for Creative Expressions theatre rep

An Evening with Amir Khussro‘ by Dilip Shankar

A reading of the play ‘Yaksha‘ by Mr. Sachdeva

Pink Gold - the Festival of Love

Pink Gold Festival – the Festival of Love
August 21-25, 2006
presented at The Sri Ram Centre,
Mandi House, Safdar Hashmi Marg, New Delhi

Pink Gold, the Festival of Love looked at Love in its various forms. From longing and desire to ecstacy and divinity. And then, of course, we attempted to define Love as well. The range was all aspects of Love and layers of Love.

The plays we presented were:

Intezaar – lamhon ka safar‘, poetry by Urmila, performed by Dilip Shankar and Padma Damodaran

Prem ki Paribhasha‘ with Mandakini Goswami, Padma Damodaran, Mrinalini Chawla, Sukhmani Lamba, Charu Shankar, Renuka Sharma, Gauri Saxena, Shruti Sharma

To be… Love‘ by Mandakini Goswami

Love expressed…‘ with Dilip Shankar and Mandakini Goswami

Prem Se…‘ with Dilip Shankar and padma Damodaran

Yellow Gold Theatre Festival

Yellow Gold Theatre Festival
September 8-November 7, 2007
presented at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi and Indian Army Centres in Jammu, YOL

Yellow – the colour of gaiety and well-being
Gold – the colour of Love

That’s what Yellow Gold means to us at the Centre.

This festival was one play, performances of which we were blessed to share with Indian army Jawaans and their families. We started with a simple offering at India Habitat Centre for the general public.

Then with Sushil Dahiya as our leader, we travelled to Jammu, Mamun and YOL to share our play with the Army.

The play we shared was ‘Prem ki Paribhasha‘, with Mandakini Goswami, Sukhmani Lamba, Charu Shankar, Padma Damodaran, Mrinalini Chawla, Supriya Bagga Manchanda

Aqua Gold Festival

Aqua Gold
February 14 – April 5, 2009
presented at various home benues all over Delhi NCR

We hosted a festival of plays which we took to people’s homes allover Delhi, NOIDA and Gurgaon – the festival ran for two and a half months, with performances of plays in people’s verandahs, terraces, living rooms and balconies!

The plays we shared were:

Love expressed…‘ with Mandakini Goswami

Karm Nishtha‘ with Adil Hussain, Mandakini Goswami, Kristen Jain, Mrinalini Chawla

Power Within‘ with Kristen Jain

Meera or Me‘ by Aanchal Nandrajog

Finding Shams‘ by Dilip Shankar

An Evening with Amir Khussro‘ with Dilip Shankar

Liquid Gold Theatre Festival

Liquid Gold – a festival of Love Energy in dialogue
August 3-7, 2012
presented at Touchwood, 44, Needarajapayer Street, Pondicherry

“nature speaks, so do birds…
yet much wisdom is unspoken…
when the wise reveal the truth, the Universe is blessed…
Liquid Gold is an exploration of some such expressions…”

The plays we shared were:

Finding Shams‘ with Dilip Shankar

To be… Love‘ by Mandakini Goswami

Karm Nishtha‘ with Adil Hussain, Dilip Shankar, Mandakini Goswami, Kristen Jain, Mrinalini Chawla

Power Within‘ with Kristen Jain

Love Expressed…‘ with Mandakini Goswami

Samvaad: a festival of dialogues

Samvaad – a festival of dialogues
October 1-2, 2010
presented by and at India Habitat Centre

evenings of dialogue on truth, ahimsa and karm…

The plays we shared were:

Walking the Path‘ with Pallavi Batra, Yash Gupta, Poorva Neeraj, Mrinalini Chawla, Varun Narain

Karm Nishtha‘ with Kristen Jain and Adil Hussain

Omaangan Theatre Festival

Omaangan Festival of plays
December 21-24, 2014
presented at Shama’s residence, Hanuman Haali, Hampi

A fragrance…
A lightness…
A reflectiveness…
A sense…

presented by Shama Pawar, Kristen Jain and Adil Hussain

The plays we presented were:

To be… Love‘ by Mandakini Goswami

Karm Nishtha‘ with Adil Hussain’

Power Within‘ with Kristen Jain

Love Expressed…‘ with Mandakini Goswami

Prem ki Paribhashaa rehearsal‘ with Mandakini Goswami, Padma Damodaran, Mrinalini Chawla and Kristen Jain

Theatre in Schools and with Young People

Theatre is a passion with us at the Centre. Using theatre for empowerment has been a very enriching experience for us. Through theatre, we get the opportunity to interact with students of all levels, at all levels.

Theatre provides an excellent all round experience for the child to explore its potential in various creative fields, as also encouraging and inculcating the spirit of teamwork and adventure, a sense of responsibility for the whole team, without sacrificing individual expression.

We have been working with children for the last twenty years and we have interacted with students of all classes on a continuous basis for the year, as also for shorter periods towards a production.

We have consistently been working with Bluebells School International since 2003, running their year round Theatre SUPW programme, the Annual BSF Youth Fiesta as also the Annual Day Performance.

We have also run SUPW programmes or theatre based Life Skills workshops with Sanskriti School, Vasant Valley School, Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, DPS Vasant Vihar, DPS East of Kailash, Andhra School among others.

Workshops with kids!

The Centre for Creative Expressions believes that all human beings are creative, and it is the expression of this creativity once unleashed that leads to happy, productive and joyous individuals. Such individuals then contribute towards harmony in their community and society at large.

One of the most exciting ways to allow one’s creativity expression is theatre. Theatre involves a lot of the other art forms – music, dance and art. Also, it leads one quite actively to discover one’s emotional spaces, as also spaces of trust, confidence, respect and transparency. As a craft, theatre introduces one to confidence, and can help us hone skills of speech and expression.

A theatre workshop also provides the comfortable environment to break the ice and get to know each other better. It also lets us explore our abilities to relate to each other, as also to drop our inhibitions and well, just have fun!

Centre for Creative Expressions invites your child to such a fun workshop – a process of self-discovery.

Using the effective tools of creative visualization, movement and one’s own emotional expression, let your child explore his or her strengths, and simply relax!

Our summer theatre workshops have always had a great response. We also work with the children of Salaam Baalak Trust and other NGOs.

Intimate Theatre

There has been a plethora of themes and special evenings in the recent past. Events have been designed by most of the five star hotels, to bring the ‘Indian Experience’ to the international traveler.

We are not offering any of that. We are looking for people who value enrichment more than entertainment.

Yes, an enriching experience is what we plan to offer through ‘Intimate Evenings’. An evening of theatre, performance coupled with music and cuisine to match. Small groups of people who value enriching performances.

We are open to coming to you with this package, at your venue or we can organize this experience at our venue. For more information, contact us.

Theatre research

In 2001, we received a text in our meditations which eventually was performed as ‘Finding Shams’. The search to speak the truth, to not act, to be in the presence of the divine as audience while the Divine expresses through us was always the endeavour. In 2012, when ‘Finding Shams’ was performed in Pondicherry, we met a similar though highly developed and advanced search. As the work on ‘Finding Shams’ goes on in partnership with this search, we feel we have learnt a new approach in theatre. It continues to be a search. We are in learning and searching mode always, and do not feel this is a system or a technique. Instead, it is indeed, an approach. Some of us have been slowly working in this that we call ‘The Work’.

Theatre Workshops & Classes

Theatre works in so many ways. For years we have been exploring the sensory, the emotional, and the awareness of the actor through our various workshops and classes.

Currently, we have gone deeper into researching a new approach. Having shifted gear, we are beginning to formulate how we can share anew.