We explore and search for joy through various expressions. Constantly innovating and reinventing ourselves, the workshops we share and offer are also constantly evolving. They can be adapted to the needs of an individual or a group if required or essential. We learn as we teach, and so sharing with you some of our workshop modules.

Purna Prana

Taught to our teachers Poojarini and Shaupon da by Francoise Morriset (1931-2008 – also known as Purna Prema in Pondicherry), who developed, practiced and taught body work for over 40 years in France and in India at The Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

Purnadi learnt this method from well known ballet teacher, Lucette Almanzor. Born in Paris in 1912, Lucette was also one of the initiators of the Danish Ballet Dance Company. Subsequently, she collaborated with Uday Shankar (1900-1977). With her knowledge of ballet, and his grounding in yoga (asana and pranayama) and traditional classical dance, together they evolved this system, combining all that they knew, which can be called Asanas in movement, and which is meant to form a basis for all dance – eastern and western.


Aren’t these interesting times we live in?

All around you, your mind registers disorder, success, chaos, calamity, disorganization, arrogance, dishonesty, greed, lust, crime

If you look closer, there appears opportunity, transparency, integrity, responsibility, humility, grace

Don’t agree?

Within you, you feel happiness, anger, dismay, hostility, helplessness, depression, contraction, stress, darkness

If you go deeper, you have tasted lightness, clarity, shifts, depth, growth, creativity, radiance, joy

Not sure?

Come and be with Puneeta Roy and Dilip Shankar as they share with you Universal concepts and tools for self awareness and empowerment.

Classical Music

Learn from Dhrupad maestro Tarun Krishna Das. Born in Brindavan, disciple of the Great Dhrupad Master, Pt Vidur Mallick of Darbhanga Gharana, Tarun was inspired and drawn towards music by his elder brother Radha Govind Das. He is also a disciple of Pandit Jasraj. Training in Dhrupad – Dhamar and Haveli Sangeet from the age of ten, he has performed widely in prestigious music festivals, and has to his credit many titles and felicitations. But it is his dedication to art, and true devotion (bhakti) that makes his music an experience of true bliss. Tarun ji’s classes are twice a month, which are announced on our calendar.

We also have simple music riyaaz almost all Tuesday mornings at 10.30am at B 80, Sector 14, NOIDA.


Recycling should be a way of life, shouldn’t it? In our modern lives, we cause so much waste. Doing our very small bit towards a more sustainable and conscious world, we offer many facilitators and several modules for recycling.

  • Jewellery, art and household items from nature and recycled material with Mandakini
  • Christmas decorations made from scrap with Mrinalini and Mukesh
  • Recycle envelopes with Mrinalini
  • Bags from scrap with Mrinalini

Teacher Training

Teachers are the backbone of society. Apart from knowing their subjects well, teachers are expected to be creative, sensitive, inspiring, innovative, etc etc! We like to work with teachers at a human level, using the tools of theatre (role play, improv, play making, voice-speech, trust games, theatre in the classroom work), meditation, self awareness tools, trust games and various other tools. We like to design the workshop according to the requirement of the individual and the group. We have had the privilege to work on a regular basis with teachers at Bluebells School International since 2003. We have also had the privilege to work with teachers from Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, Army Public School NOIDA, Heritage School (Gurgaon) among others.

Corporate Training

We have undertaken many kinds of training workshops with numerous companies, corporates,  institutions and organisations. These include team building workshops, self awareness workshops, presentation skills workshops, voice and speech workshops among others.

We have facilitated workshops with top, middle management and ground staff of organisations like 20-20 Media, Pravah, Danceworx,  CNBC, CNN-IBN, Denave, Lepra India Trust, Kingdom of Dreams to name a few.

Karmic Research Centre and Centre for Creative Expressions have been collaborating since 2009 with the UK based proffessional role playing company Impromptu UK ( We have learnt along the way, while we participate as role players in the many leadership training programmes Impromptu is a part of.




A workshop for those who want to learn the basics of North Indian home food cooking. A do it yourself four day workshop with Geeta Aunty – discover your instincts of cooking with love…

Many extensions possible.

Also, cooking without fire workshops for the little ones!

Martial Arts

MARTIAL ARTS CLASSES for all age groups, with Aditya Roy

Learn from Aditya Roy at LightHaven India in Goa.

LightHaven is the fulfilment of a dream for an immersive martial arts and movement training space. A place where one can pick up skills not just to defend themselves like a warrior but to also live like a warrior in their everyday lives. It was a dream of unity, where people from all martial arts are welcome to come and train together, share and grow together as one community, one family.

“LightHaven is my hope for a different kind of martial artist.”Aditya Roy (Founder and Head Instructor)

We invite you to explore our engaging and diverse course schedule, and stop by for a visit at your convenience.

Working with Nature

We have found a wonderful friend and torch bearer in Ramji, who is an explorer and a naturist, and whenever we can, we invite Ramji to come and share with us his deep wisdom.

He explores making jewellery with seeds, papier mache, tie and dye, organic soap making, making a natural anti-septic cream. Ramji can identify insects, birds, plants, wild life, and it is always inspiring and invigorating to be with him.

Ramji, or Ramawatar Singh has been designing jewellery since 2005. He was first inspired to create jewellery from seeds while at a Herbs and Healing workshop where he saw someone work with seeds. Fascinated with the possibilities – a million kinds of seeds to work with! – he began experimenting and creating his own designs.

His work is inspired by nature, and he uses mostly seeds and paper waste, transforming even the most inconspicuous seeds into little pieces of art. The seeds used in his jewellery are collected zealously on his travels across India.

Besides designing jewellery and sharing his skills with the community, Ramawtar works with “Swapathgami Walkouts Walkon Network” (see facebook page), and co-organises various Swapathgami events and workshops on Art & Craft, Self-Healing, Organic farming, Cycle Yatras…

To see some of Ramawatar`s work, visit (fb page link):


Dance Meditations

The idea of meditations is to make a person more alert – relaxed, yet more alert. For us at the Centre, meditation is merely a tool to achieve this kind of relaxed alertness. We experiment with meditation freely, with excellent results.

Meditation for us is an exciting tool for enhancing creativity, for improving expression, and sharpening our visualisation. It is by no means restricted to rites and rituals. Ultimately, for us at the Centre, our whole life, every moment of our life, is a meditative state.

The dance meditations that we do at the Centre encompass this beautifully. Developed and conducted by Gilles Chuyen.

Theatre Workshops

Theatre is an empowering tool for self discovery.  We work with actors and theatre workers of course, but we also take the tools to groups and individuals – children, young adults and adults, teachers, professionals and corporates.

Diverse, and dynamic, we explore theatre as a tool of self awareness, as a great opportunity for self discovery, team work, shedding inhibitions, building on tools of communication, empathy, trust, speech, voice, posture, alertness, listening skills, etc.